Why video?

March 19, 2020
why video?
We have prepared 5 main arguments for using video marketing for everyone. Please follow the article and go for your video content.

If, at the turn of the 2020s you have not yet used video marketing in your company’s communication strategy, read the following points and think again whether it is not high time to start.


Our brain prefers video

Our brain processes visual data much better than other forms of information. It has been proven that the human brain processes images even 60 times faster. Video combines non-verbal and verbal communication and thus best conveys information. Nowadays, when we are faced with an excess of information, those who use video have the best chance of reaching human brains with their message.


Video is engaging

It seems that people just prefer watching videos rather that reading texts. 80% of the website visitors will watch the video on it, while only 20% will read the text. Consumers are 27.4 times more likely to click on online video ads than on standard banners. Even using the word “video” in an email subject line increases open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%. And if the video is engaging or interesting, people will not hesitate to share it with others, so it spreads further.


Video wins in social media

As social media become more and more important in our lives, the habits of their users are transferred to other media. And all content has to follow the same rules in social media – it needs to be as engaging as possible to attract the user’s attention. And the best form of attention-grabbing that exists today is video. Videos receive 267% more links than other posts on Facebook. No wonder that in five years’ time, it is predicted that Facebook will be all video, and other media will follow this direction.


Video sells

People like video – ok, great! but what does it mean for business owners or marketers? We all know that the ads that are funniest or most attractive to the public are not necessarily the ones that sell best. Nice advertising does not mean effective. Research shows that video ads drive significantly more conversions than the other ads. A prospective customer is 144% more likely to buy when there’s a product video featured. The use of video on landing pages increases conversion by 86%. Knowing this, who wouldn’t want to use video marketing in their company’s communication strategy?


Video is for everyone

The only thing that keeps medium and small companies or freelancers from using video communication is the cost of production. It used to be much more expensive and time consuming to produce a good quality video content. Now with online video maker as Videomat you can manage your own video production for peanuts. You can easily create good quality video content tailored to your own needs. No more excuses not to use the video anymore!

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