Logo animations

Create professional animations of your brand logo.

Is it complicated?

With Videomat® you will create logo animations to your video in just few seconds. No technical skills required. Just upload a logo and choose the animation template.

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A GREAT BRAND is a story that's never completely told.

Scott Bedbury

Simple Logo animations

When it comes to logo, simplicity is what matters. The same is with logo animations. Simple, delicate forms, clear backgrounds and some balanced moves of your logo will make it shine and stand out.
Just upload your logo file and choose one of the templates with logo animation.
This video shows examples of simple (but also the most popular!) logo animations available in Videomat®.

Logo Animations - Modern Style

If you have a modern brand, you also need an up-to-date background for it. This is why we included in our library modern logo animations – with glares, shines and delicate play of lights around your logo.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In every template you can choose main colors  so the video will match the colors of your brand!

3D Logo animations

This is an absolute breakthrough – you upload a standard file with your logo and Videomat® will make a 3D logo out if it, shining, moving, and rotating in all dimensions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Best effect is when you upload a PNG file of your logo with transparent background.

Logo animations on Videos and Photos

Sometimes you want to start or finish your  video with a logo animation on an image or video background. This is why we have prepared a nice collection of templates where your logo will show directly on the asset you choose.