How to use sample videos?

sample videos
Use Sample Videos to create videos easier and faster than from the scratch. We did a lot of work for you and now you can just use it.
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We have just added a functionality that makes making videos with Videomat® even easier. We added a bookmark Sample Videos. Here we have prepared for you a number of ready-made videos that you can use for your own purposes. Just follow these 3 steps to make use of our sample videos.


Go to Sample Videos

Here are the videos we have prepared for you. You can preview the videos and choose the project that suits you the most.

Bookmark sample videos


Choose the project

When you decide which template you would like to work on click on ‘choose’. After few seconds the project will open and it is ready now to be edited by you.

videomat choose sample video


Work on your own project

Now you can customize the project to your own needs: change title, colors, texts, photos and videos used in the sample video. You can also change single templates if you would like to. From now on it is your own project!

sample videos new project

Want to see our Sample Videos? Go to Gallery —->

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