5 Tips how to make a good video

January 3, 2020
make good video
We have prepared for you 5 universal tips how to make a good video. Follow these simple rules to create engaging video clips.

If you are not a pro in video production but you have some time,  some video footage and you would like to make use of it please check our 5 Tips to make a good video. These 5 simple rules are valid no matter what video editing software you have or what video application you will choose.



Before you get to start editing your video spend some time on thinking what do you want to achieve. Ask yourself lots of basic questions and try to find out the answers. You will see that it is not a waste of time. Actually it may save your time later on spent on choosing the right footage, editing and reediting etc.

The questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • What kind of video do I need? (for example: social media, business, tutorial,
    presentation, vacation and so on.)
  • What is my target audience? (for example: friends, prospect clients, clients,
    partners, employees, family, social media group and so on.)
  • Where will I use this video? (for example: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, own website,
    TV screens and so on.)
  • What is the main message I want to pass in this video?
  • What is the desired mood of my video?
  • What is the reaction/action you want to get as a result?



Once you have made the planning and you know what you want you come to the preparing phase. It is important to gather the video footage you have, pictures, music files. Now you know what you want so you can choose the right footage and check if you don’t miss anything. Make sure your assets are of a decent quality. You can always find the missing parts from the stock. Maybe you would need some animations to help to express the message. This is the time to search for it.



From ages people know that telling an engaging story is the best way to pass the message even over the generations. Try to think of a story that you can tell bearing in mind all the answers from the planning phase and the assets you have at your disposal.


Keep it consistent

Once you know what you want and you have everything you need and you know your story you want to tell you can eventually start editing the video. Now you just can’t screw it up. In order not to do so just try to be consistent. Remember conclusions from the earlier steps and stick to it. Don’t add too much side plots, don’t add assets just because they look nice but are from a different story. Stick to your message. Don’t make the video longer than it needs to be. Don’t add more texts and voice over than it needs to communicate your story.


Keep it simple

And of course don’t forget about the famous KISS principle. You will find lots of editing possibilities and special effects in your editing tool. As a beginner you will find it very tempting to use them all and show your expertise. If it is one of your first videos please use the simplest effects you can. If you used good quality assets and your story is engaging to the
target audience your video will be good enough!

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