How does it work?

How it started

As we were running our medium and small businesses we found out that there is a huge trend of video marketing. But to get the video you want either you needed special software and skills and lots of time or you needed lots of money to hire an agency. Anyway it was not easy to make videos in a simple and cheap way. So we created videomat® – an automat to create videos  for your video marketing. And we tested it in our businesses. So now we share it with you.

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Author spotlight

Our mission is to provide a tool for non-professionals in video marketing that will help them make professional videos. It has become nice ‘n easy with videomat®.

Jakub, CEO, videomat®

How does it work?

Choose colors

Choose 2 main colours from the colour palette. It could be your brand colours.

Choose templates

Among 1000 different templates. There are animation templates, templates using video or picture.

Add video or pictures

You can cut and clip them in our application.

Add music

Or choose from the 224 music backgrounds in the library.

About the company

Our company was established in 2008. It is registered under REGON number: 142157214 and in VIES, no PL9512148443 - system for companies working in European Union market. We are a European VAT payer.


All the data is stored on our own servers, where only we have access and no other third parties. All servers are produced by Dell, all processors are from Intel, all graphic cards from Nvidia. So this is very solid IT infrastructre. Additionally all the data are protected by Fortinet - the most advanced routers with firewall, antivirus protection and against all cyber threats. So that your data is fully safe and secured.

Don't think. Just try.


Do I need to have any technical skills to start?

You don’n need any technical skills to use Videomat®. You just follow easy steps, add video footage, add music, add your texts and create! We want you to simply have fun while creating your video.

How can I see if it works for me?

You can use our free 14 day trial to see how it works and if it meets your needs. In the free plan you don’t pay any fee. You can always upgrade your plan to premium if you like how it works.

Do I need to have my own video footage and music to create videos?

If you don’t have your own video footage and music that you can use you will find lots of stock video and music files inside Videomat®. There are also ready animation for all purposes. So you can create whatever video you need without having your own video, photo or music content.

What do I need to use Videomat®?

All you need is just a device that is connected to Internet and a web browser. The Videomat® is working online. Anytime, anywhere you are.

How can I use the video made by Videomat®?

You can use the video created in Videomat® in all social media, on your own website and in any digital marketing campaign.

What is there in the premium plan that is worth paying for?

In premium fee you will receive more possibilites of expression. The 14-day trial is to check how it works and other plans are suitable for regular use of video creation. If you are planning to create more than a single video on a regular basis or create videos without Videomat watermark – please check our options of monthly-paid plans.